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Schedule Your Posts with the Content Calendar

Add, edit, and schedule posts without leaving your WP dashboard

Strive's content calendar

"Do I have a post scheduled for next Thursday?"

A simple question like this is hard to answer with the Posts menu, but immediately obvious with the Content Calendar.

The calendar displays all of your scheduled and published posts for the month. This makes it easy to plan, review, and modify your publishing schedule.

And it's not just a visual tool. The calendar is also highly interactive.

Edit posts in seconds

Click a post to open the Quick Edit menu and make changes.

Drag & drop posts to reschedule

Quickly plan your upcoming content by dragging posts into place.

Add new posts or existing drafts

Schedule a new post or insert one of your existing drafts with a few clicks.

Easily schedule & unschedule posts

Drag and drop posts to and from the sidebar to schedule and unschedule.

NEW: Display post categories

Assign custom colors to your categories to visualize your category distribution.

Posts with categories displaying
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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Can I change which day the week starts on?

    Yes, Strive has an option in the Settings tab where you can choose any day of the week to start the week on.

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    Will my existing posts appear in the calendar?

    Yes, all of your published and scheduled posts will appear in the calendar right away.

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    Where can I see posts that aren’t scheduled yet?

    Unscheduled posts can be found in the sidebar by clicking the "Show Unscheduled Drafts" button. You can also find all of your drafts in the Pipeline.

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    Is every post in the calendar actually scheduled?

    Yes, only scheduled (and published) posts appear in the calendar, so when you add a post, it is scheduled for publication. Strive has a feature that blocks incomplete posts from getting published, so you don't have to worry about an unfinished article going live by accident.

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    Can I show categories in the calendar?

    Yes, Strive has an option in the Settings tab where you can enable the display of post categories and assign a custom color to each category.

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    Does the calendar work with pages and custom post types?

    Yes, Strive has recently been updated to include full support for pages and custom post types too.

Need more info?

We have additional videos and articles in the Knowledge Base, and you can reach our founder directly at if you have other questions.

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