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Create a Content Process with Post Checklists

Never forget a step before clicking "Publish" again

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Employ the magic of checklists.

There's no reason for you to remember any step before you hit "Publish."

Document the perfect workflow with Post Checklists, so you never have to remember any step again.

And you can easily update your process over time making it more refined and effective for publishing shareworthy content.

Document your process

Create as many steps as you need organized by status.

Drag & drop steps to reorder them

Quickly reorder steps by dragging and dropping them into place.

Check the boxes as you go

Use the checklist sidebar to track your progress.

Includes Classic Editor support

Checklists work with the Classic Editor too.

Post checklist in the Classic Editor
Track your progress in the calendar

Posts show how many steps have been completed in the calendar.

Checklist progress
Download Strive today and create the perfect publishing schedule

Get a clear picture of what you need to do next to hit your content marketing goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Is there a limit to how many steps I can create?

    Nope, you can add as many steps to your checklist as you want.

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    Why include steps in the Complete status?

    The Complete section is the perfect place for your post-publishing routine. For instance, you can add steps for sharing the post via email and social media. This lets you mark a post as "Complete" while still leaving a few steps to finish.

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    Are checklists available for pages and custom post types?

    Yes! Checklists now work with posts, pages, and custom post types.

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    Does it work with the Classic Editor?

    Yes, post checklists and all other features in Strive are compatible with both Gutenberg and the Classic Editor.

Need more info?

We have additional videos and articles in the Knowledge Base, and you can reach our founder directly at if you have other questions.

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