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Republish Old WordPress Posts with Revisions

Boost your SEO by republishing outdated content

How do you republish a WordPress post?

You either work frantically in the editor without hitting the "Update" button, or copy and paste everything into a new draft.

Regardless which approach you take, it's tedious, error prone, and doesn't allow you to schedule the update.

With Strive's Post Revisions, you can instantly create a revision from any post, and schedule it like a regular post.

Make a revision from any post

It only takes one click to create a revision of a published post.

Schedule revisions like normal posts

Publish your revisions manually or schedule them like new blog posts.

Make republishing part of your process

Revisions are labeled in the calendar making it easy to create a balance of new and updated content.

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Download Strive today and create the perfect publishing schedule

Get a clear picture of what you need to do next to hit your content marketing goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Do revisions work with pages and custom post types?

    Yes, revisions now work with Pages and Custom Post Types in addition to regular posts.

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    Are revisions only for published posts/pages?

    Yes, the benefit of revisions is that you can work privately on a published post without making your changes public until you are ready.

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    What content gets copied by the revision?

    Everything except for the post ID and permalink gets copied and then overwritten at publication by the revision. This includes the post title, body content, plugin data handled by plugins like Yoast and Advanced Custom Fields, and the post date.

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    Does the revision change the post ID?

    No, the revision won't affect the ID or permalink of the original post. Technically, the revision does not ever get published. When it's about to be published, Strive copies its content to the original post and then moves the revision to Trash.

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    Can I schedule a post to republish without changing the content?

    Yes, you can use revisions to republish a post without making any edits to the content. When you create a revision, just schedule it for a new date. When it's time for the revision to go live, it will overwrite the original post's date with the new date, moving it to the front of your blog. Since you only changed the date, there will be no other changes to the post.

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    Does my original post stay live when I create a revision?

    Yes, your original post will never be interrupted. It will stay live as you work privately on your revision. When you publish the revision, the new content will replace the original post's content without any downtime.

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    Does it work with the Classic Editor?

    Yes, post revisions and all other features in Strive are compatible with both Gutenberg and the Classic Editor.

Need more info?

We have additional videos and articles in the Knowledge Base, and you can reach our founder directly at if you have other questions.

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